AI understands not all projects are created equal but that doesn’t mean pricing for aerial services should be confusing or complicated.  We have a basic price structure for aerial imaging services without sacrificing customer service, quality and flexibility.

Contact me to discuss aerial service pricing and discounts for extended missions or progression work.

Project planning meeting
Site and mission complexity survey
Liability Insurance
Aerial Images/RAW Video (when requested)
Image enhancement and balancing
Data Management/File Conversion
Media Depository: Google Drive, (optional SD or USB for additional cost)
Admin/Flight Logging
Post Flight Maintenance Checks
Local Travel to/from project location (25 mile radius of Sioux Falls)
Visual Observer “VO” (if needed)

Production pricing may vary depending on specific requirements, length and detail of media requested.  We can deliver fully edited and rendered images/video powered by Adobe Premier Pro or raw for your internal production rendering.

LiDar, Utility and Inspection Pricing
Utility and commercial drone inspection can be more complex. Project planning is often more involved and the work is notably more risky and more difficult to perform requiring specialized drone technology. The drone services pricing includes drone images, video and thermal capture for the inspection of construction sites, fire scenes, public security, elevated structures, bridges, dams, oil and gas and similar.