Public Safety is first and foremost! Each mission is pre-planned in detail from start to finish.  Risk assessments are analyzed with using various resources such as Google Earth, B4UFly, weather forecasts, critical infrastructure and LANNC with most importantly “boots on the ground..  UAVs are equipped with multiple safety features to prevent damage to the surrounding area. During flight, all aspects of the drone processes are relayed in real time to the pilot and ground station. This provides a very clear and accurate gauge of the remaining power, navigation and logistical data relating to the flight, ensuring public safety and mission success. The drone will fly back to the original take-off position and even landing itself in the unlikely event of any loss of communication or low power event.  AI only utilizes the best technology, we are fully trained and knowledgeable with all aspects of our equipment hardware and software ensuring safety for the public and your project!


Due to electric motors, drones offer the advantage of a quieter, less intrusive, and more environmentally friendly alternative.


With GPS position hold and waypoint capability, we can move into any position and altitude in space and stay there.

“With camera equipped UAVs, the dream shot that everyone wants, but was never possible, is now a reality…”
– Steven Spielberg