Ag How it Wroks

How it works

Ascending Innovations provides every part of the flight operation on a per acre cost basis. We own state of the art drones and sensors, and we ensure they are well maintained at all times. We only work with certified experienced pilots and flight crews.  Ascending Innovations covers the high costs of drone ownership and the liability that goes with operating unmanned aircraft while you only pay for the acres you need. That leaves you to do what you do best, analyze the data to produce the largest harvest at the lowest costs.

  • You schedule a date and time you want your field imaged
  • We will come to your field at the time you specified and survey your property
  • Following the flight and data collection you will receive correspondence letting you that your data is ready to be viewed.
  • We can send your survey via email, SD card or store in a private tailored Google Drive portal we create for you, which can be accessed via internet and downloaded to your management software.
  • Your privacy and data are extremely important and we will not compromise or share your information with anyone without your sole written consent.